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The Three Pillars Scholarships are for current members pursuing excellence in one of the three pillars of Chi Sigma Alpha: service, academics, and research.

2023 Scholarships Update:

Due to lack of participation in the National Review Committee, we will not be hosting a scholarship this year. Instead, we want chapters to have the opportunity to request funds to use towards chapter development in the area of one of the pillars (excellence in academics, research, service to the profession). This is a chance for you all to demonstrate your commitment in these areas, share your ideas for how to use the funds, and enhance your member experience. Additionally, there will be a fund for excellence in diversity, equity, and inclusion. These fund will be rewarded to one chapter in each category and will be worth up to 500 dollars. To access the application please use this form.

Check out the 2022 scholarship winners by clicking on each category/pillar below!

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